Managing M&A Integration Post COVID-19
Asia - Pacific Edition

Learn methods to preserve and build corporate value during COVID-19 and beyond.
4:00 PM (Australia), 2:00 PM (ASEAN) 
Date:  14, 15, & 16 September 2020 
(1 hour per day)
3 hours of online / live class + material 
AU $195 

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Experience-Driven Content

Valuable integration practices derived from over 400 acquisitions delivered by experts

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Content tailored to address challenges of COVID-19 and a new normal

What Will You Learn:

Strategic Alignment

Help ensure integration plans deliver on transaction objectives and critical success factors

Achieving Synergies

Line-of-sight & closed-loop approaches to defining and tracking transaction synergies

Integration Program Management

Proven planning & execution regimens grounded in project management practices that empower teams and speed execution

Day 1 Readiness

360 degree communication approaches that engage employees, customers and other key stakeholder groups

Cultural Integration & Change Management

Practical approaches to addressing cultural integration and change management for integration scenarios

Virtual & Remote Best Practices

How to manage complex projects with extended teams in the post Covid working environment

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M&A strategies are evolving during the COVID-19 pandemic, and so must the methods to preserve & build corporate value after a merger or acquisition.  This live, online course is established for corporate development leaders, private equity operating partners, and executives leading post-merger integration activity.  In this course we will distill fundamental changes required to address M&A integration needs during and after the COVID-19 pandemic, and walk through core planning & execution principles to effectively manage any integration project. 

This course is delivered in three one-hour sessions utilizing Zoom with active participation from attendees.  The course will include a downloadable PDF of session materials. If an attendee cannot make one or more sessions, each session will be recorded and will be available for one month after course completion. 

Areas of Emphasis
1.  What worked before does not necessarily guarantee success post COVID-19
Managing integration projects in the post COVID-19 environment
3.  Process, Tools, and Governance in distributed settings
4.  Rebooting in-flight integration projects that have been paused due to COVID-19

Agenda for the Three One-Hour Sessions

Session 1
Best Practices for Integrating People, Process, and Technology in the "New Normal" 
* Establishing Integration Scope
* Defining and Standing Up Integration Governance
* Implications for Communications and Culture

Session 2
Integration Preparation Essentials in Lean and Distributed Environments
Integration Diligence
* Mobilizing an Integration Management Office 
* Synergy Program Management

Session 3
Establishing the Integration Team and Building Integration Playbooks
* Resourcing for the Integration Team in Matrixed and Remote Settings
* Developing Integration Playbooks for Serial Acqusitions
* Turning Training into Action -  Implementing What You Have Learned

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About The Instructors

Robert Heaton has held Sales & Operations leadership positions in Europe, North America, and Asia Pacific for technology leaders SAP, J.D. Edwards, and Cisco. Prior to that, Robert worked in Production Management for Dunlop before spending 10+ years consulting on technology adoption to manufacturing and logistics businesses across Europe. He is a specialist in Mergers and Acquisitions, helping companies prepare for sale/divestment or integrating acquisitions to maximize synergies, efficiencies, and overall return on invesement.  Learn More



Krish Buchet is a business executive with 20+ years of international commercial experience in senior management roles in a variety of sectors leading organic as well as inorganic growth. She is passionate about creating long-term stakeholder value through the introduction of sustainable eco-friendly business models with the help of digital transformation.
A truly international personality who has lived and worked in Asia, Australia, Europe, UK. and the USA.   Learn More



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